Indipoint is an independent service provider focused on data visualization and analysis. We help our clients extract meaningful information and insights from existing data. We do that using both classical statistical methods and more modern ones, such as deep neural networks and big data algorithms. We also help with data exploration and sharing via infographics and dashboards.

Information design

Raw data is usually boring and too complex for most people. It's hard to extract meaningful information from them. Especially for individuals with "data" experience. That's why we believe information design plays important role in effective communication and data exploration.

  • Infographics
  • Presentations and Reports
  • Interactive data visualization

Data analysis

The main goal of analytics is extracting useful insights and model parameters from data needed for decision making and forecasting. To get such information we clean and process data, apply different statistical methods, design models, optimize and make simulations.

  • Baysian inference
  • Machine learning
  • Big data

Business intelligence

To keep a finger on pulse of medium or large business you need a special system of data integration, warehousing and analysis. Such approach makes it possible to work with information from different sources, databases or locations simultaneously. It also makes processing of events and analysis easier with special dashboards and tools.

  • Data integration
  • Data management
  • Dashboards

Technologies we use

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